The Brewery

About the Brewery

Momo’s at Market Street features its precision brewhouse on which we create freshly brewed, high-quality craft beer. Our system is custom built for maximum energy efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship. We’ll offer popular beer styles to enjoy all year long as well as specialty and small batch brews throughout the year.

About the Brewer: John Larsen

Head Brewer John Larsen has been in the beer industry for almost twenty-five years. Starting as an avid homebrewer, John opened a homebrew supply shop in 1993. For decades, he has been contributing to our local and regional brewing community through his brewing educational programs and by growing the community of brewers across the Southeast. A Nationally ranked judge by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), John has been a fixture in the Southeast brewing community for quite some time. Since starting the Momo’s brewery, John has produced award-winning beers. He was recently awarded both the Best of Show prize and the 1st Runner Up Best of Show prize in the Small Batch Category for the 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships.

He holds degrees in Physics and Operations Research from University of Virginia and University of Texas respectively.

About the Beer Menu

Our beer menu is always changing to bring you both variety and culinary enjoyment. The beer and food pairing combinations are endless, and we hope that you enjoy each and every one of them. Check out the current Market Street beer menu here.



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